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Christchurch Girl's High School

Christchurch基督城          建校于1881年

Christchurch Girl's High School 




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Type类别: Girl 女校

Age寄宿学生年龄: 13-18岁

Total Number of Students全校学生人数: 1405

Boarders (Home stay)住宿寄宿家庭的学生人数: 130

Religion宗教: Nil 无

Boarding Fee 寄宿学生费用:


寄宿家庭: 每周新西兰元260 00 (全年约45周)

校内宿舍: 全年新西兰元

EAL 英文辅导班: 有(不需付费用)

Christchurch Girl’s High School

For 137 years, talented, motivated students have met with dedicated, experienced staff to create a supportive, caring community that extends far beyond the physical grounds of the school.

Christchurch Girls' High School values tradition and aspires to the highest in education. We wish to challenge our students to be discerning critical and creative thinkers, who are at ease with the concepts of hard work and service. By providing a wide range of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, our students are allowed to mature as individuals.

Our vision - Embrace Tradition. Embrace Innovation. Embrace Excellence. - acknowledges a learning environment that values our rich heritage, realises the importance of progress and pursues excellence in all its endeavours. The word "embrace" conveys positive, active acceptance of these three qualities by our students.

Every girl is encouraged and guided to be all she is capable of becoming. A Christchurch Girls' graduate remains open to possibility and seizes opportunity so that her future is not predetermined by others. Instead she has the skills, qualifications and experiences which allow her the freedom to create her own destiny.

At Christchurch Girls' High School we are educating young women for life. I warmly invite you to come and share the experience.



我們的願景 - 擁抱傳統。擁抱創新。擁抱卓越。 - 承認一個重視我們豐富遺產的學習環境,意識到進步的重要性,追求卓越的一切努力。 “擁抱”一詞表達了我們學生積極,積極地接受了這三種素質。