Type类别: Boy 男校

Age寄宿学生年龄: 13-18岁

Total Number of Students全校学生人数: 617

Boarders (Home stay) & Hall Residence


Religion宗教: Nil 无

Christ's College is an independent boarding and day school, established as part of the original Anglican foundation of Christchurch. Core Christian virtues guide all that we do and how we act. Honesty, respect, justice and compassion create a caring and supportive environment at College, where boys feel comfortable to be themselves as they strive to reach their potential. Our philosophy is each boy at his best.

Academic progress is the primary objective of a Christ’s College education. Students are encouraged to pursue a range of activities in order to develop as well-rounded individuals, but our main aim is to create a strong foundation from which each boy can realise his full academic potential.

Boarding Fee 寄宿学生费用:


EAL 英文辅导班: 有(不需付费用)

Christ's College - Christchurch

Christ's College 

位於Christchurch基督城             建校于1850

Christ's College是一所寄宿和日间学校,由基督城的圣公会基金会开办。

我们的核心是从基督徒的美德来指导我们的行为及我们所做的一切。 诚实,尊重,正义在学者创造出一个关爱和平的环境,同学们在努力发挥的同时,亦能得到自我满足,我们的理念是要把每个孩子的潜能完全发展,把最好的发挥出来。

学术是Christ's College很重视的目标,我们鼓励学生参与各项活动,让学生有全面的发展,但我们的主要目标是为学生加强学术基础,使每个男孩都能充分发挥自己的学术潜力。




NCEA Level-3  94%


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